About MMM5

The 5th international Mangrove Macrobenthos and Management meeting (MMM5) is bringing together researchers, practitioners and NGOs from across the world to present their research on mangrove forests. MMM5 is the first MMM to be held in Southeast Asia, the centre of biodiversity for the mangrove ecosystem and home to a larger area of mangrove forests than anywhere else in the world.

About the MMM conferences

MMM is a series of international conferences focused on understanding, conservation, and sustainable use of mangrove ecosystems worldwide. These meetings were initiated in 2000 to raise awareness about the plight of mangroves, which remains one of the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. The MMM conferences are convened by mangrove scientists at 3-6 year intervals in locations around the world where mangroves form a major component of the coastal landscape:

2019 Singapore, Singapore

2016 St. Augustine, USA

2012 Galle, Sri Lanka

2006 Collangatta, Australia

2000 Mombasa, Kenya

Contact us at mmm5@meetmatt.net

Photos by Ria Tan (WildSingapore) and Dan Friess

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