Info for presenters

Oral Presentation Guidelines:

-Presenters will have 12 minutes to give their talks and 3 minutes for questions. The total allotted time per speaker is 15 minutes. Moderators will ensure that the 12 minute presentation limit is strictly enforced.

-All presentations should be formatted in a 16:10 ratio slide (Download template here). Power point (.ppt) or PDF (.pdf) formats are recommended.

-The screen at Joyden Hall is very large (10 m x 8 m). Be sure to use the space appropriately!

-High quality images/videos are recommended as the screen is not only large, but the projector is high quality (1920 x 1200).

-To upload your presentation:

1. Login to the MMM5 Portal

2. Click "Upload Presentation" in the menu on the left side of the screen, under Author Options

3. Please upload no later than 08:30am on the day of your presentation

*Note: Max upload size 10MB

Lightning Talk Presentation Guidelines:

- A lightning talk is a short set of slides that introduces a poster. Lightning talk presenters are limited to 3 minutes to briefly present their work and highlight their poster. 

-Presenters should follow both Oral & Poster Presentation formatting guidelines for their 3 minute talk and associated poster.

-Moderators will strictly enforce this time limit to leave room for all presenters.

Poster Presentation Guidelines:

-MMM5 features 3 poster sessions (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights).

-Posters are a highly valued and integral part of MMM5. The three poster sessions will allow for lots of great networking and communication.

-All posters should be formatted in the portrait position on a A0 poster

Maximum Dimensions - Width x Height:     

             841 x 1189 mm or 

             33.1 x 46.8 in

Printing Your Poster in Singapore:

-Should you be interested in printing your poster in Singapore below are several printers located near Bugis+ (There are others in the area as well). You are responsible for paying for and picking up your poster prior to the meeting.

1. Task Printing Services

2. Colorvizio

3. Print That Now

Contact us at

Photos by Ria Tan (WildSingapore) and Dan Friess

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