Conference themes

Mangroves and People

Population densities are increasing in the coastal zone, and mangroves are providing important benefits to hundreds of millions of people across the tropics. But people are also negatively impacting mangrove forests through deforestation, pollution, overharvesting and sea level rise.

MMM5 is a venue to try and reconcile the importance of mangroves to people, and the threats that people pose to mangroves, through the following themes:

  1.  Impacts of people on mangrove structure and function

  2. Mangrove loss and deforestation

  3. Mangrove degradation (e.g., pollution, overharvesting)

  4. Impacts of climate change

  5. Mangrove genetics and connectivity

  6. Importance of macrobenthos and other fauna

  7. Ecosystem services of mangroves

  8. Blue carbon and climate change mitigation

  9. Mangrove management

  10. Mangrove rehabilitation 

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Photos by Ria Tan (WildSingapore) and Dan Friess

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